Lalie and Pierre

They started tango in 1999!
In 2002 in Buenos Aires, they had the opportunity to appreciate milongas' music and it's dj's. They brought it back here and started to perform in milongas and festivals… 20 years later, they are still here, more energetic than ever!



Marco Evola is a tango DJ since 1998 and has been working in Italy and in other European countries. He proposes traditional music and appreciates to provide simplicity because “the leading figure of the night is not the DJ… but the music and the dancers…



Gaby Guthmann

I started tango in 1996. Since then, I was hooked. The classes, the minlongas, the teaching, events organizing and the musicalisation in 2000, first in my local weekly milonga, then in different milongas in Germany, Switzerland and France, and finally in Italy and Belgium



Irma's connection to Tango is strong…
Musician with classical formation influences, she's been a Tango DJ for 19 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel. Her concept is to carefully choose the music according to the feel of each event and she composes her Tandas in the moment, adapting the style to suit the audience




Vincenzo Grottoli has been interested in music from an early age. Different musical experiences has brought him to play ancient music at an international level. Since 2008, after meeting tango, he has studied Argentine orchestras.



Sam is a generous and dedicated dancer and dj, he will transmit his joy and happiness in his colorful set

At your service

Tango Cuisine

Ludo and his team from Tango Cuisine are becoming very famous and appreciated as provider of good meals and snacks on several tango-events, marathons and encuentros in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Latvia… They will keep us in a good mood and a high energy modus! You can taste their craftsmanship on Friday/Saturday/Sunday evening between 7pm and 9pm. Registration for each dinner in advance is necessary. See registration-form.


La Garçonne

La Garçonne is the house clothing line for tango dancers designed by Sandrina Dh. Sandrina has the pleasure to be your supplier of a large range of the Italian Tango Shoes of MADAME PIVOT and MONSIEUR PIVOT. The Tangos shoes with the brilliant!


The JusTango team

Tina Riccardi

tina riccardi

Didier Rodot

didier rodot


Massages are available (not included in the price)