The Djs

Dj Yatma Diallo

Dj Yatma Diallo (

Yatma with the name of El Africano Bien milonguero, also with solid professional training as a sound engineer, he worked in milongas and for international events in Italy (Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Bari, etc.), Holland (Amsterdam, Leiden, Bussum), United States (Chicago, Cincinnati, etc.). "My energy and my positivity led me to deepen every aspect of tango culture, making me known also in international tango gatherings as a "musicalizador"

Vivi La Falce

Dj Vivi La Falce (arg.)

My name is Vivi La Falce,
I am a professional DJ from Buenos Aires, since 2001. I have worked in recognized milongas of Buenos Aires such as Lo de Celia, Salón Canning,
El Arranque, Obelisco Tango, among others. I was the DJ Official of the TangoBA Championship and Festival for 4 years, selecting music for the competition, and I worked on events such as the Gran Milonga Nacional de Av de Mayo and the annual Milonga at the French Embassy.
Since 2009 I have traveled the world musicalizing Milonga’s, Milongueros Encuentros, Festivals, Marathons and I do DJ training seminars, also spreading my culture.

Dj Marco

Dj Marco (it.)

The great passion for Argentine tango, the curiosity of Argentine history and culture, the continuous desire to discover and learn... They led me in a short time to the study of music and the various orchestras. Able to win the acclaim of the dancers of the various milongas... Always attentive to the dance floor and the mood of the dancers, tanda after tanda I always manage to excite and involve Ronda in a pleasant and almost surreal atmosphere... Energy grows, transforms... and thanks to the dancers in the hall it is amplified and is returned to the musicalizador... and only at this moment do you have the certainty of living... Buena Onda !!! - Style : Traditional Tango

Dj El Ventu

Dj El Ventu (arg.)

When I DJ I like to bring the spirit of the “Milongas Argentinas” to the place. For this I constantly stimulate dancers with a build-up music curve until they get driven by the emotions of the music.
I constantly search to create atmospheres where dancers live an experience, in which you are not just dancing the music, the music is moving you!

Dj Vincenzo Grottoli

Dj Vincenzo Grottoli (it.)

All his life was dedicated to music as a teacher and concert performer of early music. In 2008 he began to musicalize in numerous milongas throughout Italy and Brussels, in various festivals in Italy and Greece,
in Milongueros Encuentros in Kehl, London and Brussels and many marathons in Italy and Lithuania.
My goal in milonga is to build very coherent tandas to create the right atmosphere on the dance floor.

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Tango Cuisine

Ludo and his team from Tango Cuisine are becoming very famous and appreciated as provider of good meals and snacks on several tango-events, marathons and encuentros in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Latvia… They will keep us in a good mood and a high energy modus! You can taste their craftsmanship on Friday/Saturday/Sunday evening between 7pm and 9pm. Registration for each dinner in advance is necessary. See registration-form.


La Garçonne

La Garçonne is the house clothing line for tango dancers designed by Sandrina Dh. Sandrina has the pleasure to be your supplier of a large range of the Italian Tango Shoes of MADAME PIVOT and MONSIEUR PIVOT. The Tangos shoes with the brilliant!

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